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"The establishment of an integral worldwide telephone and video-telephone communication system is to mark one of the next stages of this progress. In the long run – in fifty years from now, at least – the world information service (WIS) will come into service.

The WIS will put anyone wise, within minutes, to the con­tents of any book or article ever published, and issue any in­formation requested. The WIS is to comprise miniature request transceivers, master stations controlling information flows, communication channels including thousands of artificial earth satellites, cable and laser lines, Even a partial implementation of the WIS project will have a strong impact on everyone’s life, leisure, stimulate intellectual growth and broaden artistic hori­zons. As distinct from the TV set which is now the chief source of information for many of our contemporaries, the WIS will afford everyone maximum freedom in selecting information, and call for individual activity.

The WIS is to play a truly historic role in that it will remove all the remaining barriers in the way of information exchange between countries and individuals."

Sakharov, Andrey "The World in Half a Century from Now" The Saturday Review, May 1974.